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Today I will tell you a little more about my management classes…

In fact, not only related to fashion businesses, having good management can be the key to the success of a company. Of course, other parameters (as satisfactory of employees, quality of the products/services,…) must also be taken into account but I am sure about the relevancy that good decisions can have for a business to grow and be successful.
However, being a good manager is much more than collect and organize data once the secret is to know how to extract the results from the whole information available, taking specifically only what matters to analyze carefully. As expected, more than theorical knowledge, a good manager must be attentive to what is happening inside and outside of the business in order to understand how some current and future issues can affect the company in order to find strategies to avoid them, keeping the business in the right way.

And, we can adapt this to other areas…
Being a blogger is not much different than running a business when we try to find some similarities. As blogger, since the beginning, we need to define a strategy to the blog (the purpose and the subject, target audience, costs allowed, frequency of posts,…), making some predictions about the future and choosing the alternative that seems to be the best. Only after starting the blog we have available data that we can be treated to extract information that allows us to evaluate our performance and define what to do next. However, a lot of data (qualitative and quantitative) will be available and the most important is to know how and which data is relevant to be analyzed and taken into consideration.
For sure, the most difficult part of the whole process is drawing conclusions and making decisions, being aware of what is happening around us, due to the number of innovations that we face each day. But not everything is bad, managing can also be very exciting. Having the power to define the route and run through it can be quite rewarding and motivational and this is essentially what makes me so interested in this subject.

Have a nice day,

Sofia Rocha Silva

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