Budgeting my closet



As you know, money is always a touchy subject so today I will tell you how I manage my expenses with my closet.

Since I started to work I realized that I had to put some boundaries on my expenses related to my closet. In the first month with my first salary, I defined a specific budget for expenses related to clothes, accessories and makeup. I remember that this happened in July so it was sales season and I ran to stores to find the best deals and, I have to confess that I wasted my budget in less than a week. The memory that I have about this is that, with the budget, I failed to reduce costs and instead of doing this I protected my choices with the excuse “I can buy this, I have available budget” because the idea of having an amount to spend made me be less rational and buy things just because I had money available. Fortunately, it only took me a month to realize that this approach didn’t work with me so I quickly stopped to budgeting my closet.

Fundamentally, I realized that more than respect a budget, it is better to follow our common sense and buy just what we need. The most important is to understand that I just need to balance my needs and think if they deserve the respective expense, more than buy something because I still have money available in the current month. Doing this, I learn everyday how to control myself with rationality not with a budget, what makes me grow and be more aware about the value of the money.

But my thinking on this subject changed over time… Now, more than look to the price, I try to understand the quality and the benefit that some piece may give me and according to this I do my choice.

Remember, sometimes, less can be more.

Have a nice day,

Sofia Rocha Silva

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